Tripode Performance is born from a common experience shared by 3 professionals. Our joint international profiles mainly in the industry (plant management, purchasing, production) cumulate over 40 years of experience.

Coming from aerospace and automotive industry, we acquired, built and used all industrial and financial management tools. We are familiar with best practices and operational excellence initiatives along with latest industry certifications.

We very attached to ethics and regulatory conformity and are looking to share our experiences and vision. Three partners and a network of professionals insuring a service of the quality.

Tripode Performance | Consulting and support for executives, managers and organizations


After 25 years of experience at the head of several production sites, both internationally and in France, mainly in the aerospace and automotive industry, Pierre Galletti has been the key factor in many industrial sites turnarounds. His expertise relies on experiences as a right arm of industry leaders with whom he had the chance to implement ambitious initiatives. He is recognized as a fervent promoter of lean manufacturing, IT and quality systems and risk management. Operational excellence has always been at the heart of his approach. By defining strategies and translating them into action plans and budgets Pierre has carried out several successful productivity plans and turnarounds. Whether in situations of high growth or depression, he is known to meet his objectives.Team leader and talent promoter in a multicultural environment, his social awareness is one of its biggest asset. It is in this context that he chose to surround himself with Bouchaib and Rayane, two young and ambitious profiles.

Bouchaib SADOUKI

Graduated from a technical degree in international business, Bouchaib’s first experience in the automotive industry was as a production worker for an international equipment manufacturer. Very curious of production processes and raw materials, Bouchaib then decides to go further by obtaining an Industrial Purchasing Master’s degree. He then perfects his education by graduating the MAI MSc (International Purchasing Management & Innovation) at Kedge Business School recognized as the number one program in Europe in Purchasing. As a result, he takes a position as an industrial buyer and then as a EMEA Project & CAPEX Buyer, still for the same equipment manufacturer. His strong polyvalence, commitment and ability to manage people quickly make him a solid candidate for a managing position. As such, he joins Pierre’s management board as a Value Stream Manager and is appointed an ambitious reorganization project. Thanks to his alumni network, Bouchaib selects and trains Rayane as his successor for his previous purchasing position.

Tripode Performance | Consulting and support for executives, managers and organizations
Tripode Performance | Consulting and support for executives, managers and organizations


With 4 years of purchasing experience in the automotive and aerospace industry and numerous productivity projects, covering direct and indirect spend and purchasing process structuring initiatives (IATF16949 & EN9100 standards). Rayane also a strong international experience and profile. First graduated from an International Business and Supply Chain Management Master’s degree, Rayane also went on to a MBA in the US. Its strong negotiation skills and a successful first experience as a Buyer lead him to a career in Purchasing. Therefore, he also joins Kedge Business School where he will obtain his Master of Science in International Purchasing Management & Innovation. He then works as a buyer until 2018 to finally become purchasing manager under Pierre’s guidance. 

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